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Multilingual Church

Language is important. But not many people talk about it. Over the last few years I’ve written a number of posts about multilingualism and the church and in 2019 I completed my MA dissertation looking at just that. The MA was only the start. I want to see churches talking about language and I want to see churches using more of the languages spoken by their congregations and communities.

I also recognise that one of the reasons we don’t talk much about language is that we still need to have more conversations about identity, race, class, culture and Christian community now and in the age to come.

Click through to a few of my public posts so far. You are welcome to reblog or share these on social media with or without comment. You might even like to blog, post or tweet your own thoughts and experience on #multilingualchurch

Now you are talking my language! 

Language is often a barrier, maar is ook een plupunt

If you cannot understand what is said or written, then that creates an obvious barrier to understanding, but is language more than that?

The Blessing – how many languages will it been sung in?

I now have over 150 languages in my playlist. One day blessings will be sung in 7000 languages (but not necessarily to this tune)

Wishing you a merry multilingual Christmas

How many languages in the USA? (and how many have Bibles available online) 

How many Languages are spoken in Britain?

Ten reasons for a more multilingual Church

Welcome in 250 languages

Does your Church Website link to an Online Bible? 

Coming soon… Multilingual Worship 

The Worlds Favourite Worship Songs? 

Five ways to use other languages (a bit) in your church 

Global(ised) Worship 

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more including customisable multilingual welcome slides (just added), more tips on introducing multilingual worship, nine reasons why churches should use more languages …and much more.

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