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Gamification really emerged as a term in the business world in 2010, and whether or not you have heard the word you may already have noticed the effects.

As it begans to seep into the world of missions I started to introduce a new term “Ethnogamification”

I created a couple of blog posts on the subject of Ethnogamification in 2014 and have had the opportunity to mention it in a couple of seminars. In 2015 I introduced the concept at a conference with representatives from up to 125 different mission agencies (okay so some of them went to the other seminars offered at the same time, but the idea began attracting  interest.) I’ve just lead a training track on the Designing Scripture Engagement Games, we looked at what games are, how games and game elements are being used and how they could be.

The presentation is now public at https://prezi.com/n6a26oveqasq/designing-scripture-engagement-games/

You can read my earlier blog posts:

And also a great Introduction to Gamification by Piet van den Boer
(you may want to enlarge to full screen to read the slides)

This presentation is also available in Dutch. Other content from Piet includes a helpful slideshare on website optimisation

The free online course on Gamification by Prof Kevin Werbach, that started my journey was repeated in February 2016. It takes 4-8 hours/week (or less if you don’t do your homework) and videos are now subtitled in English, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Kazakh. Click here for details



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