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Does your Church Website link to an Online Bible? June 25, 2019

Posted by Pete B in Bible Translation, multilingualism.

If you think the Bible is important it would make sense that your church website lets people know how to find versions in all the languages they speak.

The Bible is available online in a lot of languages but for more recently available scripture people might not know until someone shows them. As of July 2021, YouVersion is supplying over 2500 versions in over 1700 languages. on Bible.com. Over 600 of those versions and 400 new languages have been added since the first version of this post in June 2019.

Between these and a few other sources scripture is available online in over 2100 languages.

Help on finding scriptures is now included on a couple of Wycliffe websites around the world including:

Depending on what type of web hosting you have you may be able to embed some online bibles and other resources in a some languages directly into your site but any church or personal website or blog site can link to online Bibles.

Bible.com is the Web version of the YouVersion Bible app

You can also link directly to any of the 2200+ versions, or to one of the 60+ interface languages for the site eg Welsh, Spanish, Arabic, French. (simply navigate to the version or language and use the address as the link). You Version also provides a Kids Bibles app in a smaller but growing number of languages.

Bible.is from Faith Comes By Hearing

Bible.is specialises in providing great recordings of scripture and the Jesus Film but they usually provide the text too! You can filter by country, language and version to find the ones you are looking for, and perhaps some you didn’t know were available! A new feature is the inclusion of filmed versions of each of the four gospels being rolled out over an increasing number of languages.

There are a lot of other options to choose from and a good number of great websites and tools. Which is one reason why I created 1000bibles.wordpress.com a simple website to point people to a few.

For example, Biblia has a wide range of plugins including Verse of the Day, Reference tagger, a Bible Search Box, and an Embedded bible with a choice of versions in English and a few other major languages. You can customize the size of the box, what version you start with and several other features.

For more experienced programmers there are a range of api’s and tools including the Digital Bible Library, Faith Comes by Hearing’s Bible Brain, and American Bible Society’s Api.Bible.

So there you are. A few simple ways in which you, your friends, and your church website could link to a free online Bible. There are languages in which scripture isn’t online yet and languages in which translation is ongoing or needed. Supporting Wycliffe and other translation organisations (and those of us in them) can help fill the gaps. Telling people about what is already available via a simple web link or social media share can make a difference too.


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