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Now you are talking my language! July 18, 2020

Posted by Pete B in Bible Translation, multilingualism.

Taal wordt vaak gezien als een barrière, maar is ook een pluspunt.

El idioma se ve con frecuencia como una barrera, pero también es un activo.

La langue est souvent considérée comme un obstacle, mais c’est aussi un atout.

Язык часто рассматривается как барьер, но он также является преимуществом.

If you cannot understand what is said or written, then that creates an obvious barrier to understanding.

If something is said in a way that is more personal to you, you can connect more deeply. Language has not just ceased to be a barrier, it has become a bridge and gone from being a negative to a plus point.

Even those of us who only speak one language recognise that some ways of using that language connect with us more than others. Language can be formal, dry, dated, conveying a message in a comprehensible form or it can be human, personal and tell me stuff in a way that I really get it.

That’s why Bible translation isn’t just about overcoming a language barrier. That’s why any aspect of intercultural or multilingual church isn’t just for people who don’t speak English well yet (or other main language of the congregation).

Google translate can sometimes be enough to help me get over a language barrier, but isn’t always enough to help me really connect in a way that a good human author could and so I apologise if any of this has been lost in translation. Feel free to share or repost in a way that says it better,


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