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How to support us

Pray, Give, Chat, Share – God supplies our needs but mostly through people who know us…


This is not a soft option. We want to be the people God wants us to be and we want to be doing the things God wants us to do. There will always be both personal and spiritual opposition to that. We ask you to read our pray letters and updates and pray for us. If you do pray it also encourages us if you tell us that you are praying.

We are also keen to know how we can pray for you.

In addition to praying for us you can also join us in praying about the issues God has put on our hearts.  Our blog, facebook posts, emails and newsletters will keep you informed of some issues but you can also find lots of information and up to date info from the sites listed on our links page.


Our income is through donations given to Wycliffe specifically for that purpose. Regular gifts help us to plan a budget but the unexpected is gratefully received too!

If you are able to support us financially, either in regular or ad-hoc gifts, we’ll find out about it a few weeks later via our statements which is always a nice surprise but if you tell us we can say thank you quicker.


It’s always good to hear from friends


The posts on this blog and the various things I share publicly on Facebook, are meant to be shared, so if you see something you think others would like please do pass on the links to friends and followers. As well as more people hearing about Bible translation and Scripture Engagement, I’d love to see more people and churches using their web pages and social media to let people know where they can find bibles, and to see churches responding to ideas in the multilingual church section and maybe even contributing to the hashtag  #multilingualchurch

Read online (and even on paper)

Don’t limit yourself to reading our personal pages. Take a look at the Wycliffe UK , Wycliffe Canada, Wycliffe USA, and Wycliffe Global Alliance websites (there are lots of other organisations in the global alliance too). You can read their magazines online and for more relaxed reading you can even ask to be put on a Wycliffe mailing list. Receiving the magazine is free, but be warned once you’ve read what God is doing you may want to be a part of it.

Get involved in the work

We believe in the work and vision of Wycliffe. However much you are reading this because you like us we’d love you to  share our interest in the work and to get involved yourself.

There are long and short term opportunities with Wycliffe and partners in your own country, and in cities and villages around the world. There are projects that you can get involved in from home. And if you are praying, or giving, or dropping us an email to encourage us along the way then you are already involved.

Thank you for your support for us and for the speakers of many of the worlds lesser known languages.

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