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Why do people read the Bible? March 5, 2021

Posted by Pete B in Scripture Engagement.

This simple question of why people do read the Bible is different to the question of why people think they, or other should read the Bible. For me, the reason I started reading the Bible seemed relatively simple: I didn’t believe in God …but I wanted to

Reading the Bible helped me make sense of the bits I’d already heard, helped me understand more about the central character in the story, find some of the deeper answers I thought I’d been looking for, and a few surprises along the way.

Other people have different journeys, and even different views as to what the Bible is and is for. So I threw this question out to a few friends and colleagues.

You might want to read some of the responses I got, or listen to a short sermon I preached virtually on the topic, skim the slides, or read some further reflections (coming soon). Or you might just like to ask your own friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours, why they think people read the Bible. Who knows, you may be as surprised by some of the responses as I was.

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With grateful reference to https://www.wycliffe.org.uk​ , http://biblesociety.org​ , https://btlkenya.org​ , https://www.gideons.org​, https://goodnewsuk.com​, http://www.catndogtheology.com​, and the Bible (available via http://bible.com​ , http://bible.is​, https://scriptureearth.org​ )

More posts

coming soon.

  • Making Bibles acceptable – an old story
  • Are there wrong reasons for reading the Bible
  • Why did people write the Bible in the first place?


1. John Bellis - March 5, 2021

However young or old we are, both physically and in spiritual age, we can only grow in faith by regularly engaging with God through His Word. Reading is one thing, study in depth is different and more demanding!


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