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#is_this_a_real_Bible March 11, 2019

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I found a site that has over 11,000 different Bibles for sale. They have Bibles in over 30 languages but most of the ones listed are in English in a choice of covers, versions, and sizes, for a range of audiences and special occasions. Can you guess which one I made up?

The busy dad’s Bible Daily Inspiration Even If You Only Have One Minute

NIV Sequin Bible Hot Pink Hearts (no longer available) – What girl doesn’t like a little sparkle and shine? the Sequin Bible helps you express your style wherever you go.

The Competitor’s Bible (no longer available) – 365 devotions written by participants of all sports that to equip athletes for their own walk with God.

KJV Waterproof Bible, Camouflage with worry free confidence that your Bible will withstand the test of time

HCSB Study Bible for Kids, Dinosaur – eBookoffers young readers an exciting approach to Bible study

I could list more. You could also add some on social media and tag them #is_this_a_real_Bible …but there is a point to the post.

The many different editions exist because there is believed to be a market for them, some even exist (or existed) because there is clearly felt to be a need for them.

I’ve worked for over 20 years in an organisation which helps to translate the Bible into languages where it has (usually) never been written before.
I help Wycliffe provide number on languages that have Bibles, New Testaments, or just portions and stories and I also help explain the number of languages in which work needs to begin. But the beginning is not the end. Often the message accompanying the numbers suggests that people can’t understand the Bible unless it is in their language.
Often that is true but even when people can understand reasonably well in another language there is still a need for something that connects and doesn’t look or sound like it was meant for someone else. While that doesn’t normally mean there is a need for a thousand variations it does mean that you can’t just tick of a language and say nothing else is needed.

Meanwhile it is time to tell you that none of the Bibles above are made up, though since first posting this in 2019 a couple seem to be no longer available. The products below are real too and found elsewhere in this blog. (can you spot which picture I made a playful addition to?)

  • no, the original artwork did not combine Jesus and Tin Tin


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