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Is this a Real Bible: Gruffalo Leather March 13, 2023

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I’ve posted a few times about products that might get people wondering “is this a real Bible?” What do you think? Is the book pictured a real Bible or not?

I’ve seen a few luxury Buffalo leather Bibles so just for fun I Googled “Gruffalo Leather Bible” and found this…

found on Abe Books

It definitely looks like an impressively bound Bible but actually this really is a leather bound edition of the hugely popular, much translated, and also much shorter children’s story, the Gruffalo. (No Gruffalos were harmed in the making of this book cover)

Given that The Gruffalo is only about 30 pages long in most editions the leather binding does seem to be a bit unnecessary. I also suspect that part of the appeal of the Gruffalo is the pictures and accompanying story not the binding. (Personally I thing the content is more important than the cover for Bible’s too, but I recognise that people do judge a book it’s cover and design is an issue that can impact engagement.)

The Gruffalo hasn’t been translated as much as the Bible but is now available in over 100 languages (105 by 2021). Translation can be less precise than with scripture as the following posts suggest.

and again…

Puppies and Kittens in the Bible #4 May 29, 2022

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It’s four year since I wrote a trilogy of posts on Puppies and Kittens in the Bible …and time to say something new.

“don’t let that which was there to attract you, distract you”

This could be said of puppies and kittens, or of worship songs, church architecture, or “good” preaching. But you were possibly hooked in by the promise of puppies, so here is one.


The Peaceful Puppies Bible was indeed a real thing, published in 2012 and (according to the blurb on Google books) aimed at 6-10 year olds.

I have no doubt that many of the owners of Peaceful Puppies Bibles treasured them and loved each of the 12 cute pictures that allowed the book to deliver on its title. I wonder if as they’ve grown they have questioned some of the captions?

In the example above there is one verse, a simple exhortation, “live at peace with everyone” with two qualifiers, “if it is possible” and “as far as it depends on you”. The larger commentary however ignores the qualifiers, acknowledges that life can be tough but states, “God expects us to live in peace with everyone around us“.

No he doesn’t.

God expects that there are times it will be tough.

God expects that at times it won’t be possible, and it doesn’t completely depend on us.

Don’t let the cute puppy distract you. Read the Bible not just the comments. Read it in context. Read it with others. Discuss it. Pray about it.

And, while there is a time for study there are also times to simply rest in God’s word and be comforted.

You can read more on Puppies and Kittens in the Bible, along with a post on is this a real Bible and some further reflections on design in how to make the Bible look good and why it matters. You could also keep scrolling through your social media feed for the next cute or funny animal picture – there are times when we can can benefit from some gentle distraction.

More thoughts on design and engagement with scripture coming soon.

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