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Bibles and resources

So many great websites, blogs and apps out there…

This is an update of a page a created several years ago. There are plenty of other good sites I should probably add. I’ve also created a separate page for Android apps.

As of June 2019, bible.com  and the YouVersion Bible app offers 1901 versions in 1312 languages. This is more languages than most people need but it means you’ll not only have a good chance of finding scripture in all the languages you speak but will be able to help most other people you meet find a Bible or New Testament in their languages. Many versions can be downloaded for offline use and easily switched between using the compare function. The interface is also available in over 50 languages.

The site and app includes reading plans, tools for creating verse images, or sharing notes and variety of other resources.

faithcomesbyhearing.com now has Audio Scripture recordings available in nearly 1300 languages including 12 versions in English available for free download. They also produce bible.is with online text and audio Bibles for computer, i-phone and android phones, plus tools for using their digitalbibleplatform

I’ll update some of the other sites soon but when I checked in 2015

biblegateway.com had about 200 versions of the Bible in over 70 languages (including 50 English Versions)

bibles.org had online scripture in almost 800 languages and over 400 of these are available for clever programmers to use in building their own apps (see tools.bibles.org)

biblehub.com had 40 languages and 120 versions plus a wide variety of other resources and a nice interface for looking at multiple versions next to each other.

scriptureearth.org has Bibles, New Testaments, Portions and other materials from 1300 languages in a wide variety of formats for downloading or using online. Originally most of these were languages from South America but the collection has gone worldwide in the last few years.

Another site worth a mention is stepbible.org ‘StepScripture Tools for Every Person’, which has lots of nifty tools for in depth bible study whether you are prepping a sermon, wanting to check up on what someone else said the Bible says, or perhaps just wanting to explore for yourself what something said in the original Greek or Hebrew, and whether that helps you in knowing and following God better.

For those who like others to help you help with your daily (?) devotionals there are useful websites such as:

And a whole bunch of resources listed at http://wycliffe.org.uk/beinvolved/resources/

Should you be looking for a Bible in another language not already on one of the sites above, Find a Bible and worldbibles.org may help you find a lot of what you are looking for. New-neighbour-bible.org is another site with a growing list of links and resources for European churches reaching out to newcomers in their communities.

With so many versions in so many languages, it often come as a surprise that the complete Bible is available in nearly 700 of the of the world’s 7,000 or so languages. (or it may come as a surprise that there are more than 700 languages). Fortunately translation work is in progress in over 2600 languages . But translation is only part of the story. (See  www.wycliffe.org.uk, and www.wycliffe.net for the big picture)

(stats updated Oct 2018)

Missiology websites




A few Wycliffe sites…

Many great apps

Smart phone and tablets are getting cheaper all the time and are becoming much more accessible to people in minority linguistic communities. In many places the first time people encounter scripture in their own language will be via their phones. Did I mention the separate page on Android apps ?

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