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Is this a Real Bible: Gruffalo Leather March 13, 2023

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I’ve posted a few times about products that might get people wondering “is this a real Bible?” What do you think? Is the book pictured a real Bible or not?

I’ve seen a few luxury Buffalo leather Bibles so just for fun I Googled “Gruffalo Leather Bible” and found this…

found on Abe Books

It definitely looks like an impressively bound Bible but actually this really is a leather bound edition of the hugely popular, much translated, and also much shorter children’s story, the Gruffalo. (No Gruffalos were harmed in the making of this book cover)

Given that The Gruffalo is only about 30 pages long in most editions the leather binding does seem to be a bit unnecessary. I also suspect that part of the appeal of the Gruffalo is the pictures and accompanying story not the binding. (Personally I thing the content is more important than the cover for Bible’s too, but I recognise that people do judge a book it’s cover and design is an issue that can impact engagement.)

The Gruffalo hasn’t been translated as much as the Bible but is now available in over 100 languages (105 by 2021). Translation can be less precise than with scripture as the following posts suggest.

and again…


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