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Scripture in 1,500 languages on YouVersion? …that’s worth tweeting about November 14, 2020

Posted by Pete B in Bible Translation, multilingualism, Statistics.
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The milestone of 1,500 languages on YouVersion was reached on 29 October 2020. When you combine this with what is available on Bible.is, global.bible other individual bible apps and sites we are fast approaching 2000 languages available digitally. But this is only the beginning of the story.

You can read more in a press release from Wycliffe UK which is helping spread the news further. And you could even retweet the news along with the nifty animated graphic below.

As I’ve said, making scripture available is great. The next step is making sure people know how and why to access it for themselves in all the languages that speak to them.

The goal of Bible translation isn’t translated Bibles, it is transformed lives. Wycliffe UK is involved in both, and have recently updated their page on finding and sharing Bibles.

churches can play a part by ensuring people in their community can access Scripture. I’d love to see every church website point people to online Bibles

Peter Brassington

You can quote me on that. Or better still simply encourage your church to add a link to online Bibles on it’s website, and consider small steps towards being a more multilingual church. Here’s five ways to use other languages a bit more in your church, and ten reasons why I think it matters.


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