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If it’s Sept 30, it’s #BibleTranslationDay (and even if it’s not…) September 30, 2020

Posted by Pete B in Bible Translation.

Update Oct 1: Sept 30 was national Bible Translation Day in the USA, and International Translation Day, (also the 1600th anniversary of the death of St Jerome)! Here’s are a few things that were posted. But guess what? Bible translation is still happening around the world today!

From Twitter:

From Facebook:

From the web (updated today):

Click for more wycliffe.net/resources/statistics

#BibleTranslationDay might not make as many headlines as presidential debates, or trend on social media higher than David Attenborough, and this blog post is more likely to be seen by dozens than thousands, but every day is a day to recognise and celebrate that we can read the Bible in our own languages, and that we can access it freely and share it with others.

If it’s not in your language yet, or if you live somewhere where it is hard to access, and dangerous to share the Bible with others, then today like every day is a day to remember that around the world others are praying with you and for you.
Here’s one of many verses shared by YouVersion on Instagram

YouVersion now has 2163 versions available in 1477 languages. That’s 123 more languages than were available on the platform last year.

Faith Comes By Hearing has recently relaunched it’s website and the Bible.is app, offering content in about 1500 languages, including over 1300 audio bibles as well as others available as text or video.

American Bible Society has helped create over 1200 scripture sites all linked from global.bible

Some languages and versions on are available all of these sites, some on just one (so far), but between them these three platforms make scripture available online and via apps in 1900 languages. My prayer and passion is to see them equipped to share scripture in 2020 languages by the end of 2020 and a whole lot more in the years to come.


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