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2000+ Bible versions online February 1, 2020

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Remembers this?

Back in 2014 YouVersion celebrated the 1000th version of the Bible made available via their apps and website.

The 1000th language was reached two years later in 2016

Then in October 2019 they announced that they’d passed the 2000th version.
(they didn’t use the same graphic so I adapted the first one)

I don’t know how quickly the next 1000 versions will be added but they are already in progress, and the 2000th language is a target I’d love to see reached either this year or next.
At the start of 2020 YouVersion was supplying 2023 versions in 1371 languages. (follow the links to see the full lists and encourage your church to link to online Bibles and apps from their websites and social media)

Meanwhile the number of languages in which a full Bible or New Testament exists is 2250, with over 1100 having at least some portion completed. Some are already in digital format and either online elsewhere or in line to be added. Others are older copies that need tracking down and a complex process of scanning and either digitising by optical character recognition (OCR) and extremely careful proofreading or rekeyboarding and processing.
So pray that it won’t be too long before we can celebrate the next major milestones, remembering that each new version and each new language added is a cause of celebration to those who can finally access scripture for themselves.


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