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Bible Translation: 2000 languages in a generation December 31, 2019

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In 1959 an article in Christianity Today reported that “1,127 languages have now received the Scriptures either in whole or in part”. It also spoke of a “Call To Prayer And Special Effort To Reach 2,000 Bibleless Tribes In This Generation”. 

Ambitious goals like this aren’t (and weren’t) new. This one has now been reached. The total number of languages with some scripture reached 2133 at the end of 1997. The next thousand had something published over the next 19 years.

“Some scripture” is a great start. Back in 1959 the number of languages with the whole Bible was 215. In 2020 that figure will reach 700 and the total number of languages in which some scripture exists will pass 3400.

Some other great things have been happening in the last decade. And I’ll write about them in 2020.


1. Elizabeth Mourer - January 8, 2020

I was blessed to be in Dallas and asked to tour SIL, Wycliffe, DIU. Such a blessing! No one outside can truely comprehend all that goes into one translation, nor how many languages there are, and the struggles. God bless yall for your work.


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