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2019 Bible Translation Statistics …and some other numbers October 18, 2019

Posted by P, J, or J in Bible Translation, Statistics.

It’s that time of year when the annual update to statistics on Bible translation are released at http://www.wycliffe.net/statistics

The fact that the complete Bible is now available in almost 700 languages is a cause for celebration, but the 698th is just as significant as the 700th to those that can now read it, or listen to it on phones and media players.

I’ve worked on these statistics since 2010 when the numbers were a little lower….

I’ve blogged a lot over years

many people still need a pie
a pie chart from 2009

…and in various forms have been reporting on the progress of, and remaining need for Bible translation since I joined Wycliffe in 1996.

Back then there were 2,086 languages in which some of the Bible was available – 308 with a full Bible, 764 with a New Testament, and 1,014 with at least one book of the Bible.

I’ve been less involved in the production of the statistics this year which has given me time to look at some other numbers and the details behind them, such as the growth in the number of languages with scripture available on your phone, and the number that could be available over the coming years. More on that soon…

Meanwhile why not explore how many languages are spoken by people attending your church and living in your community and make sure that people know how to easily find scripture in their own language.


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