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An apple a day… February 28, 2019

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Truth without understanding is like… throwing apples at physicians

An apple a day will keep anyone away, if thrown hard enough

image : pixabay.com/illustrations/wisdom-apple-throw-a-most-day-1501263/

Here is both a fun game and an exercise in interpretation.

What are possible meanings of the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

  1. ‘Doctors’ are people who will harm us, but fruit from a particular tree can be used to ward off their magic.
  2. Traditional remedies are better than expensive medicine.
  3. Fruit is good for you and promotes health.
  4. Small changes can have positive effects.
  5. Paying for ‘protection’ is worth it.
  6. An adequate supply of Vitamin C prevents scurvy, fruit sugars provide energy, and the fibre within an application promotes intestinal wellbeing, not to mention the flavenoids

Can you come up with other possible meanings?

I tried this in a group and got a couple of options I’d not thought of such as it being a phrase to promote veganism, anti-vaxers, or development of IOS rather than Android

Do you know what the phrase really means?

How much of the understanding is influenced by your culture?

Do you know where the phrase comes from and whether people would have had other ideas about it at the time?

I’m not providing the answers (or my answers) to those questions. The ‘fun’ bit is to try and answer them …and then perhaps wonder why.

The same game can be played with other ‘wise’ sayings from your own or other cultures, and with verses from the Bible.

Questions for reflection and discussion

…and the ‘game’ itself can be interpreted in a number of ways

Am I suggesting

…that one needs special knowledge to unpack intended meaning?

…that meaning is individual or culture specific?

…that it’s okay to have multiple meanings?

…that a diverse group can draw out fresh perspectives?

…that apples are good for you?

and who decides what I am suggesting? Does the meaning belong to me as author or you reader? Is there one truth, no truth, many truths?

Answers are welcome in the comments. As are further questions.


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