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From Dr Who to the Bechdel test of the Bible January 15, 2019

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I love how quickly the web can lead you from one interesting thing to another. My son binge watched a lot Dr Who over Christmas, and I admit it I joined him in viewing many of the episodes. Recently I clicked on an article asking why the latest Doctor doesn’t seem to be the lead character in her own show.

That article mentioned the Bechdel test, a simple formula for evaluating how well women are represented in film and TV (must have at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man). Its a fairly low bar so disappointing the number of films that don’t reach it. From there I wondered whether anyone had applied the Bechdel test to the Bible. (Yes, well done Paidiske).

My curiosity now is which of the three links in this blog get the most clicks?


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