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Have you discovered Follow JC Go? November 3, 2018

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A few weeks ago I called YouVersion’s new Bible Lens “The Pokemon Go of Memory Verses“. I meant it in a good way, seeing it as something that had the potential to help people look at the world around them and wonder what Bible verses the new app would suggest went well with what they see.

followJCgo At that point I was unaware that another new app was also on the horizon from a different set of developers.

Follow JC Go” really is trying to copy the success of Pokemon Go in an app by getting the Catholic faithful to get their phones out and look for saints and Biblical characters digitally overlaid on the world around them.

I heard about it first from a friend on Facebook and then in an article on the BBC news.

Follow_JC_GOA translation of the apps description states “It allows players to form their eTeam (Evangelization Team, made up of friends, biblical characters, saints, blesseds and Marian devotions.

The eTeam will help you generate a collection of characters (virtual and real) that will accompany you in your day and pilgrimage to the WYD 2019 in Panama and other religious events in the world, for this you must fulfill individual and group missions; Search and answer trivias to incorporate collectables to your eTeam.”

So far it has had over 100,000 downloads and mixed reviews, partly because not everyone who has found it is a fan of either Jesus or the Catholic Church, and partly because so far it is only available in Spanish and lots of people are frustrated at not being able to understand it (perhaps they have got too used to the Bible itself being in their own language).

I’ll save my thoughts on the game itself until the English version comes out in a few weeks. You can download it (or not) and make your own decisions, but at least now you’ve read this you have a choice.

That ability to choose is a big part of what Christianity, in all it’s forms is about and part of the reason I’ve spent over twenty years of my life working in the ministry of Bible translation.

Around the world there are still people who have never heard of Jesus, many others who have never clearly heard about who he is in a language or a way that they understand.

I don’t know yet how much this app will help people truly connect with the real Jesus, but I pray it will be part of some people’s journey, both from the content of the app and the conversations it starts.



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