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Thus saith the Lord! (as far as I can tell) March 25, 2018

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Or if you prefer it in Latin:

Isaiah-probablyHæc dicit Dominus
ad me usque poterit indicare

(providing Google translate got it right).

There are people in this world who like to be very certain about many things, and others of us who are a little more cautious. This may be related to culture and personality as well as confidence and experience.

Perhaps the use of “may be” hints that I’m often a hedger. I may have some fixed ideas and opinions but I also know that there are other perspectives and ways of looking at things and that on many issues the clear cut answers aren’t always clear.

This can be annoying to other people who like to see everything as black and white. To them stuff is either right or wrong.

So for example when Paul said he didn’t permit a woman to preach they assume not only that he meant it at face value but also that was a prohibition for all time and when Peter said that sometimes Paul was a bit hard to understand (2Peter 3:16) he meant it too.

Understanding the Bible or any text isn’t always easy. That’s why we often call it “interpreting ” and why theologians or preachers can sometimes say things that are in stark contrast to each other. As Peter says in that verse about Paul sometime “ignorant and unstable people” distort the scriptures but so do fairly educated and stable people (It’s just that we do it unknowingly) . Often I’m willing to believe that people I disagree with are doing their best to prayerfully unpack what the Bible teaches in the light of what they already know. I like to hope they believe the same of me.

That isn’t to say that anything goes. The Bible is not a pick and mix collection of wise sayings that we can use to back up our own opinions.

…at least that’s not how I read it.




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