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Puppies and Kittens in the Bible #2 January 2, 2018

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Yesterday I posted about the Playful Puppies Bible today it’s the turn of the LOL Cat version. I thought it better to separate the Cats and Dogs into separate posts. I didn’t want them to fight and was also curious as to which would get read most.

Lolcat“Cat Theology” is not just something you find in the LOL Cat Bible. Again, this is a real thing (in as much as it is something that has actually been published), but unlike “The Playful Puppies Bible” it is not a real Bible. It’s meant to be a joke (I hope). It uses the idea of a bunch of self centred cats rewriting the Bible in their own language and recasting God in their own image. As it says on the cover, “In the begiin Ceiling Cat maded teh Skiez an da Erfs n stuffs.”

I doubt many of the Bible translators I know would be too happy with the quality of translation but some may be intrigued at the way in which the work involves online collaboration from a wide selection of the community. Currently the home page of www.lolcatbible.com has been accessed over 3 million times.

I’ve not read much of the translation but I do wonder how many contributors and readers have found themselves opening a more established translation for inspiration and found themselves reading and wondering for real?

There are other translations that people don’t take quite seriously but which have been written with more serious intent and greater attention to the text. I’ve just acquired a copy of The Gospels in Black Country Dialect  which opens with the words:

“The time wus gerrin’ near fer the Sairvyer ter cum on airth”

(The Black Country is a region of the UK that acquired it’s name at the height of the industrial revolution due either to a heavy coating of soot or with reference from coal mining)

I’ll write more on translations in British dialects at some point, but for now will leave you wondering how much they are written to celebrate the local dialect and how much they are written to glorify God.

Stay tuned for the third post in this short series which will look at the modern, and helpful distinction, of Cat and Dog Theology.



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