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Puppies and kittens in the Bible #1 January 1, 2018

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It’s still holiday time so I’ll start 2018 with a playful intro to the Playful Puppies Bible , the Lolcat Bible, Cat and Dog Theology… and why such things matter.

Amazingly the Playful Puppies Bible is a real thing. It was published by Zondervan in 2012 and is no longer in stock but can still be found on Amazon, Google Books and a few other places. In 2018 you could still find it on their website where it stated, “If you love dogs and puppies, you’ll love the Playful Puppies Bible!”.


Although the cute pictures are there to draw the reader in the Playful Puppies Bible probably doesn’t draw attention to all the verses about dogs in the Bible as despite some cultures having a fondness for them today, they didn’t always get such good press. No verses specifically refer to puppies but take a moment to read Bible verses that mention dogs if you have any doubts.

Some people will see the use of puppies as a cynical marketing ploy, trying to sell more bibles to people who already have enough on their shelves.

Others will see it as a clever tactic to encourage engagement with the scriptures. There are many children who would love this Bible and the cute pictures it contains. Not only might it encourage some children to read their Bible it might also be something they would gladly show their friends.


I’m interested in the topic of scripture engagement, so while it makes me cringe a little a willing to give the publishers the benefit of the doubt, but I would have to say they using Cat theology to sell the Playful Puppies Bible, by cat theology I’m not referring to the LOL Cat Bible, but I’ll give it a mention.

More of that soon in part 2.


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