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Jesus & Jedi: The Empire strikes back? December 31, 2017

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No spoilers for The Last Jedi, just some continuing musings on the earlier films which some people on the planet still haven’t seen, not even on the radio.


Somehow not everyone sees the British Empire as having been a good thing, even the British!

It did bring a kind of order, education, trade, roads, and a lot of the good things that other Empires such as the Roman one brought.

And yet somehow a lot of people yearned for freedom.

It has been said that history is written by the winners – those in power get to shape the public version of the story. History often looks different from different perspectives.

lukeIn an earlier blog I showed pictures from a children’s early reading book telling the plot of the first three Star Wars films.

This book could be translated into many languages, but would it reflect how other cultures might summarise the story?

I summarised it as:

“Luke wants adventure and purpose to life. He has an enemy who wants to rule the universe and turn Luke to his side. Good prevails and Luke is reconciled with his father.”

Here’s another possible take.

Anekin, now a powerful man was once in slavery. He yearned for freedom and that opportunity came in part when a powerful outsider offered to become his teacher. That came at a price as his benefactor took him from the only life he had ever known and from his mother.

His suffering intensified and he sought and used power, allying himself to a strong ruler who he hoped one day to overthrow with the help of his own son.

His son had led a different life and chosen a different path. A rift between father and son threatened them both but eventually Anekin defeated the emperor, relinquished his own ambition for power and was reconciled with his son.

It is a different take but is it the same story?

A more important story is of someone who is more than a channel of a an impersonal force, told in a gospel by Luke (and Mathew, Mark, John, and the rest of the Bible). Different people summarise the story in different ways. Depending who tells it and to what audience different bits get emphasised and different bits get neglected. One challenge is in knowing which are valid summaries of the story and which are distorted in into something very different.








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