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The Gospel of Luke? – A New Hope December 17, 2017

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I know there are lots of people talking about the new Star Wars movie but some haven’t seen the first one yet. I first saw it in 1981, in my mind’s eye as I listened to the radio version. (See Wikipedia if you didn’t know about that).

Spoiler Alert.

Here’s a summary of the Star Wars – A new hope.

“Luke wants adventure and purpose to life. He has an enemy who wants to rule the universe and turn Luke to his side. Good prevails and Luke is reconciled with his father.”

IMG_20171011_100636A classic tale, and yet not quite enough to grip us. We don’t want the plot summary we want to enter into the story, get to know the characters and join in the adventure, even if only in our imagination.

In this way the Bible is a bit like Star Wars.

Some people want to edit the gospel down to a tract or a single sentence and yet there is a reason we have a Bible not a bullet list.

Popular theologian, NT Wright, might look a bit is a bit like Obi Wan Kenobe, or an older Luke. An older man who has studied and lived what he believes.

In a great lecture to a conference about worship he points out that even young children can hold an incredible amount of detail in their heads about fictional universes be that Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Tolkein.

(Also available at https://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/public-worship-as-sign-and-means-of-new-creationhttps://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/public-worship-as-sign-and-means-of-new-creation/ )

And yet too often we oversimplify the story and give them life lessons and picture to colour in.

Wright’s call to engage more with Bible is not a new one, it could have been told in a galaxy far far away. Or it could be watched by a small group in your church.

It’s quite a long lecture so you might want to dim the lights and get the popcorn out. I’m one of the 10,000 people who have seen it and won’t give further spoilers.

To be continued….



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