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Cautiously approaching the Unapologetic NKJV Study Bible November 18, 2017

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“Have you ever wished that the Bible spoke directly about controversial issues we face today?”

NKJVunapologeticSomething about the question made, me nervous and not just because I subconsciously link NKJV to KJV and the King James only movement.

I acknowledge that many people who like the NKJV don’t assume that readers of other version are heretics. But I wonder what kind of notes might have accompanied the original KJV as an authorised study Bible?

I’d recently read something about the history of one particular edition of the Bible, and then read something else that disputed that version of history as ‘revisionist’ and written to back up specific claims by the religious right. As a result I was pondering again the dangers of believing everything you read on the internet. That was when I read on the internet about the NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible.

It may have a lot of good content – good not just because I agree with it but because it agrees with how Christians down the centuries have interpreted scripture. But it may also contain things that I and many other Christians are less convinced are as certain as the articles might want to declare.

Don’t forget that Christians in previous centuries have probably defended a few things that you are not in favour of today (eg the divine right of kings, slavery, a flat earth, burning heretics, colonialism, not giving women the vote).

One of the things about controversial issues is that they are controversial because people have come to different conclusions. This is not just a case of Christians vs ‘the world’ or ‘proper Bible believing Christians’ vs ‘liberals’, this is a case of fellow believers who have have come to different conclusions through honest study of the Bible and diligent prayer.

Would the study Bible give more than one side to an argument or would it favour the opinions of one group of Christians over another, giving those views extra force by placing them in bold boxes right on the pages of the Bible?

I’m still not sure but you can find out for yourself if you wish. You can download a sampler from https://www.thomasnelsonbibles.com/nkjv-unapologetic-study-bible/ and get your own copy in one of seven editions ranging from the hardback at $34.99 to the more luxurious Bonded Leather, Black, Indexed, Red Letter Edition for $89.99. (You can also get it as a bible app or as an ebook on Amazon for $5.43 with a free preview.)

You might also use the trailer to inspire your own study or spark discussion in a home group setting. Some of the issues may be controversial but that doesn’t mean we should shy away from them or be afraid of forming our own opinions based on our understanding of scripture. However be aware that there is a branch of theology known as ‘apologetics’. This is not about feeling awkward and saying sorry for what you believe but about being able to give a clear and reasoned defence, explaining what you believe and why, and in so doing allowing others to think through the issues themselves and either agree, or give you a few more more things to think about.





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