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Can I reuse your blog? November 6, 2017

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Yes. Under certain conditions!

Years ago, I used a simple copyright statement that said “please do not copy without asking nicely”. This was in the days before Creative Commons licences made it easy to copy some things without having to ask.


This particular post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. (Details of the licence is in people friendly language in 38 languages, and also in more formal legalese)

This means you can copy the whole post don’t have to ask as long as you are giving attribution, not making commercial gain and are sharing the reused material under the same licence. If you don’t meet these conditions you are supposed to ask first.

Several other types of Creative Commons licences are also available here.

I like me you are using WordPress.com then their terms of service state:

“You also give other WordPress.com users permission to share your Content on other WordPress.com websites and add their own Content to it (aka to reblog your Content), so long as they use only a portion of your post and they give you credit as the original author by linking back to your website (the reblogging function on WordPress.com does this automatically!).”

Even if I wanted to, I can’t stop you using part of what I blog on your own wordpress site, and most of the time I wouldn’t I want to if you give me credit.

Like most people on the planet I often use words and even whole sentences that other people have used before. Once I go beyond a certain level of knowingly using other people’s stuff without their permission I start to infringe on their rights to be identified as the owner. I don’t have a right just to use other peoples material as if it is my own.

If I know that I didn’t come up with something myself I’ll try not to take credit and a lot of the time if I use a section of someone else’s blog or a picture that I didn’t create myself I’ll try and give credit where it is due.

Just saying where I got something from isn’t good enough either if the owner hasn’t given permission in some way.

Fortunately for bloggers, as well as copyright there is a thing called “fair use”. This isn’t a right. It is a legal defence that can be used if someone decides to sue me or decides to sue WordPress.

More details from a WordPress perspective at https://en.support.wordpress.com/fair-use/

If I have used something of yours and you didn’t want me to please let me know.






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