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Is our President insane? May 4, 2017

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I should start by pointing out that as a Brit I don’t have a president and this is a question that was asked by the real Donald Trump.

He wasn’t in office at the time but at least it clarifies that he thinks it’s a question that can be asked of the president of the USA by the people he serves.

In many nations, citizens do not have such a privilege.

I can think of a few nations where it would be unwise to even talk about the leader. I won’t list them here.

I’ll also stop short of questioning the sanity of President Trump.

I disagree with so much of what he tweets, but I don’t think he’s insane, just wrong on many, many things.


197,000 US born immigrants are in Great Britain. I don’t know who they are. Most are sane and not dangerous (however they last voted). Few fled the US in fear of their lives.

Here is the UK we’re gearing up for an election, ready to choose our own leader. We didn’t choose the one we have now, because in our system we vote for members of parliament and the majority party forms a government. But a lot of the time we vote based on who is likely to be leader.

I’m not wild about the choices. But I’m glad I get to vote.

Democracy doesn’t always lead to the best people being in charge, but it still offers reasonable hope of removing them without violent conflict.

As for all those “dangerous” refugees “pouring” into countries, it’s good to know that ordinary people can make a difference and help change the story about that too. In the UK Christian aid is running a campaign to encourage people to send positive stories to their local and national press.

In today’s connected world, those stories and yours can be shared around the globe.

Check out: http://www.christianaidcollective.org/do/change-the-story-campaign



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