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a million migrants needed help, the US responded March 7, 2017

Posted by Pete B in refugees.

A powerful poem read some famous actors and posted by the UN invites you to imagine what it’s like to flee your home…

…many people don’t have to imagine today, because they are living the ordeal.

Many others can remember when the unthinkable happened to them.


The US is used to violence in its cities, and to posting armed guards in some its schools and churches, but when it comes to people in their thousands losing their homes and possessions the biggest danger is the weather. When hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 Americans across in the nation responded.

On Monday March 6th, 2017 the US President signed a new executive order aimed at keeping ‘bad people’ from entering the country. There are bad people in every country living alongside the ordinary people – that’s why we have locks on our doors. Security is an issue but when disaster strikes the answer isn’t to refuse refuge because not every refugee is safe.

image: wikipedia

In the UK we face our own challenges as, the Dubs amendment , a scheme to aid child migrants is closed down at the end of the month. There is however ongoing debate and a fresh move requiring local councils to identify capacity to help house refugee children was defeated. (Earlier reports suggest thirty Conservative MPs would vote in favour of this, sadly only three did)

Across the world, people who are safe in their homes, face the challenge of what they should do to help those who have lost everything.

If you didn’t click to watch the video in the UN tweet earlier here it is again.

If you had to flee what would you take?

If you have had to flee, what were you able to bring? Have you been able to tell your story?


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