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Zuckerberg – No longer an Atheist January 4, 2017

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In a reply to his Christmas message Mark Zuckerberg declared that he is no longer an atheist and that “religion is very important”.


I sometimes describe myself as a “lapsed atheist” and recently unpacked an old school book in which at the age of 13 I declared that I didn’t see much point in RE (Religious Education) unless I was going to become an RE teacher or a vicar.

I was surprised that the first page in my RE book had something on Bible translation and I’d written about how the Tolai people of Papua New Guinea had been waiting 100 years for a Bible in their own language. I would have been given an English New Testament by the Gideon’s at about that point but I didn’t try very hard at reading it.

Like Zuckerberg I “went through a period when I questioned things” but at 13 I just assumed most of the good questions about religion had been answered and that it was just a bunch of stories told by old people to children to get them to behave. I didn’t question my atheism until later. I still think questioning things is important. In fact if religion is very important it’s even very important to keep asking questions about what you believe and why – it’s one way you continue to grow.

athiest-who-p2e-really-smallThese days you can still get books to help explore questions about Christianity but there are also a few to help raise questions about the stranger idea that there is no God. (Here’s a link to read the opening chapter of The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist)

thedaydeathdiedWhen I was finally ready to explore Christianity properly at the age of 20 a friend gave me a copy of Michael Green’s “The Day Death Died” exploring the interesting question of whether Jesus actually came back from the dead and what that might mean. I believe it’s out of print now but there are still copies on ebay or lurking in church libraries.

Many newspapers are asking questions about Zuckerberg’s change of heart. Such as which religion he’s actually following or whether it’s a political move with plans to run for office at some point following his planned tour of every US state in 2017.

Journalist Sarah Graham-Cooke of the Independent used the story to explore her own rethink of atheism.

I’m sure there will be a few more new stories on Mr Zuckerberg and a few more people rejecting atheism in the coming coming year. Religion is very important – know which one you believe in and why. They are definitely not all the same.



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2. Anonymous Pedant - April 27, 2017

Who is the Mr Zuckerman in your final paragraph? An imaginary proofreader??


P, J, or J - May 23, 2017

no, just an invitation to real, albeit, anonymous ones. Thanks!


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