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The Virtue of Reality December 31, 2016

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I bought my first virtual reality headset in 2016. It was second hand and only £3 which already says something about the technology.


Jesus VR reviewed in the Guardian 2016

I decided that by the end of the year they’d be on sale in the Pound shops and Dollar stores of the world, and they are. The first VR Jesus movie also made it to a number of headsets in time for Christmas with mixed reviews following the release of a preview at the Venice Film Festival. I’ve not seen it but I’m sure it will have an impact.

2016 was also the year I ‘attended’ a friend’s wedding in India via facebook live and sat in on a couple of church services in Africa and the USA via Periscope. Not quite as good as really being there but better than not being there.

2016 was the year both YouVersion and Faith Comes By Hearing made scripture available online in over 1000 languages. I’m wondering whether 2017 or 2018 will be the year that church services are live streamed in over 1000 languages (I’m not aware of anyone collecting data on that yet).

Such technology offer tremendous opportunity for people who cannot  easily attend services in their own language in other ways.

As the year closes we’ve just spent a couple of weeks bridging two of our own realities – leaving our home in England to visit, pack up and sell our home in Canada.


VR is good but sometimes reality is better

Our last Christmas in Canada was 2010 but it really did feel like we’d stepped back into that life. Reconnecting with friends, shoveling snow and enjoying the pleasures of A&W Burgers, Tim Horton’s, and of course the home cooking of our friends.

There’s a lot to appreciate in Canada and it’s easier to appreciate by being there. As well as some sledging and ice skating our son also got to reconnect live with some friends he last saw briefly in 2013. Having arrived back he’s already connected again with two of them via skype, google hangouts and a couple of online games.

We’re hoping the technology helps them stay in touch and looking forward to how future tech improves that connection until they  can meet face to face again.



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