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Late News: Life of Jesus in 34 languages June 22, 2016

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The two million copy of the Life of Jesus, a 16-page four-color picture script booklet rolled off the presses of the David C. Cook Publishing Co., In Elgin, Ill., last September.*
Highlands of the Life of Christ are told pictorially in the booklet adapted from Sunday Pix, Cook’s weekly Sunday School take-home paper for youngpeople. The latest order—for 300,000 English copies was printed for the Assemblies of God Mission for door–to door–evangelism in Nigeria. To date this mission has used 600,000, copies of the booklets.To date the Life of Jesus has been translated into 34 languages including Dani, Enga, Huli, Pidgin English, Police Motu, Wahgi, and Wala. Additional language translations are underway.”
*Interlit, December 1966

sojappAs I said this is late news – something I found in an archive from 50 years ago.

Newer comic books telling the story of Jesus have in many places replaced the 1960’s version and have been printed in many more languages, but for too many people any news of “The Life of Jesus” is still new.
Translation and publication of scripture and scripture based resources is obviously an important part of getting the message out, but so is letting people know about the existence of materials.

One public site that attempts to list and link to translations of the Bible is https://find.bible/ (also linked to from http://wycliffe.net/ where stories of work in languages around the world are acompanied by details of available scripture). Find.bible are doing a great job but still don’t have links for translations all 3000+ languages in which something has been published.

I have the privilege of working with another group who are looking at creating an index of some of the other scripture products in current use. More on that in months to come.


Picture of “Life Of Jesus”, David C Cook Foundation Paperback, 1964, Iva Holt, Andre Le Blanc at https://www.ebluejay.com/ads/item/5700237


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