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Why the chicken crossed the road… June 3, 2016

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Is this church real? Is the church real? This will answer at least one of those questions for you. You can also learn why the chicken crossed the road …and what he found there!
You may have seen the photo on the left tagged as “Church of the confused Chicken”. It’s been retweeted over  9000 times in the last three years. At 4000 beetweeted someone checked it out.


Is the church that looks like a Chicken real? Apparently so, and the link provides you with the church’s website and a street view picture.

Meanwhile in Indonesia I also found http://www.thisiscolossal.com/…/indonesian-chicken-church/

I’d love to know a bit more about this Indonesian church. Who built it? Why? What caused it to be abandoned? So far my curiosity hasn’t taken me any deeper but in this hi-tech super connected world it wouldn’t take much googling to learn more.


This week we’ve been on holiday and visited the island of Skomer where we got to see and photograph puffins. Sometimes live is better than Google.
Here’s the photographic evidence that we were there.1-IMG_2937

(Some of you know us and like to know what we’re up to.) Of course you may have clicked the link to this blog post simply because you liked the chicken picture. It’s funny, and you might have wondered if it was real?

While you’re here I could tell you about  and how I stumbled on the Indonesian one while using google image search for the first. (lots of added value in knowing what that cool feature can do)

Perhaps I could get you to stop and think about the difference between the two buildings, one apparently unintentionally chicken-like , one deliberate symbolism (but it’s meant to be a dove).

I could use it for a brief message hey, you know a lot of people only stopped to see what Jesus was doing because they were curious but they stuck around and found something amazing.

When I was nine I stopped going to church. When I was 20 I got curious again, some of my friends believed in that stuff and seemed to have found something meaningful. It shouldn’t have been but it was a bit nerve wracking walking into a church building by myself for the first time.

Most of the regular visitors to this blog are Christians but if you’ve never voluntarily been though the doors of a church building, or at least not the ones you’ve walked past recently why not give it a try. Don’t be chicken, some of those buildings are a bit empty and neglected but others are alive with people who once took that step themselves.




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