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How to find Gospels in Greenlandic …and why it matters April 18, 2016

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Just because a Bible is translated it doesn’t always mean people know it exists or where to find it. Just because you put it on the web, or even in a phone app, doesn’t mean that people will stumble across it.

GreenlandicPart of my job involves “Digital Engagement” which means, among other things, that I help people who translate or publish Bibles ensure that others will find and connect with the scriptures.

Greenlandic isn’t a language I’ve been asked to help with but I hope the few people who now read this blog post in Greenland knew that the translation of the Bible that the Danish Bible Society published in 1999 can be found online at http://old.bibelselskabet.dk/grobib/web/bibelen.htm and I’m hoping it is soon available on their phones too if it’s not already. (I know a few people who could help with that.)

I found it via https://find.bible/languages/kal/# but I also found mention of it on Wikipedia from where I grabbed the text for John 3:16 and googled, thus finding the picture below on facebook

There are lots of places that people can find information and lots of ways that people can use social media to let people know about the cool things they find.

find.biblehttps://find.bible is a great website for finding Bibles but their assumption is that it will still usually be people who point others to the scriptures. The site has been around in an earlier form for the last ten years. Did you know it existed? Have you told anyone?

Does it list Bibles you didn’t know about in languages that you or friends of yours speak?  (Do you know about any that aren’t yet listed)?


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