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Technology, games and endangered languages February 4, 2016

Posted by P, J, or J in Ethnogamification, Language revitalisation.

Darrick Baxter wanted his daughter to know the language of her grandmother, so he built an iPad app and from there his adventure really started…

Here the rest of the story in his TED talk “How technology is saving Native Tribal Languages”.

For those who haven’t watched the video yet, Darrick tells the story of, and the impact of his app as a tool for helping a new generation connect with their historic language. He made the code for the app available free to others and it now forms the basis of over 60 language apps.

AppGallery at ogokilearning.com

Native American Language Apps created for various tribes and First Nations in Canada and the United States. Find out more at http://www.ogokilearning.com

Some languages die of ‘natural causes’, some are killed. Some ‘dying’ and ‘dead’ languages are being revived and revitalized. Apps alone won’t revive a language but are tools in reviving interest and helping learn some basics.

There are an increasing number of apps and games for both endangered and thriving minority languages, increasing produced within the communities themselves. Ogokilearning provided a technology and game workshop in which 10-15 year olds built their own apps.

Bigger games take big budget and lots of time and talent but as


Sinclair Programs Sept, 1983

someone who got into computing building my own games on 16k ZX81 and 48K Spectrum I’m encouraged to see what can be produced these days with a little enthusiasm and encouragement.

More on apps and games for language development, and scripture engagement in the Ethnogamification tab and in future posts.


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