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Best advice on buying luxury gaming chairs: don’t January 26, 2016

Posted by P, J, or J in Ethnogamification.

The X-Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair


“For the typical person who plays the occasional video game, a standard chair is fine whether it be a recliner or an office chair. But hardcore gamers know the difference in comfort and usage; after ten hours, a typical office chair has put some serious dents in the enjoyment of the game”

For a gamers review of the X-Rocker and other chairs see Pure Gaming’s “Best Gaming Chairs 2016

But as all none hardcore gamers know, if your sofa, office chair, or budget gaming chair is making your back ache after 5-10 hours…  move!

I do play the occasional video game and my back is old enough to know the value of not spending hours on the wrong chair. I’m also oddly enough delving into the intersection of theology and games. (I’m currently preparing to lead four days of training on creating games for Scripture engagement and have a few posts exploring the idea of ethnogamification.)

padded pew

The more traditional Christians could learn a thing or two from the design of gaming chairs. Some have already ditched the pews in favor of more comfortable seating, so I’m sure there is a market for “Bible reading” chairs, or luxury kneelers. Some could also learn to have a bit more fun.

Games are good (some of them), and some Christians are serious hardcore gamers. You can interact with some (between games) at gamechurch.com


Their post on  2015 Games Jesus Loves starts:

“The whole Gamechurch operation works under the belief that Jesus is totally cool with games and that maybe, given the opportunity to play them, he would actually enjoy them. “

I think Jesus is cool with a lot of games. I’m less convinced he’s cool with how much priority some people give them.

Jesus mixed with tax collectors, sinners, prostitutes, and social outcasts. He’s certainly not going to reject anyone for playing video games (although I doubt he’d join in on all of them) He went to parties and it’s safe to assume he drank wine as well as supplied it on occasion. He kind of upset the religious types with his attitudes and behaviour. crossBut he also called people to radical lifestyle changes that had more of a call to carrying our cross than it does to sit comfortably.

I can imagine him telling a few people to relax a little more.

I can imagine him telling some to lighten up and have fun.

But if he were to tell a parable of a rich man and a luxury gaming chair…?

…well how do you think that might end?



1. P, J, or J - January 17, 2017

Yes, lots of really good games available for people of all ages. Some very clearly educational, some developing valuable skills without people realising it, and some social and fun (some do all of these at the same time). More blogs on games and ethnogamification coming in 2017.


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