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Ayapanec: The ‘Vodophone sponsored’ language that came back from the dead July 1, 2015

Posted by P, J, or J in Language revitalisation.

Does a language die when the last speaker dies or when the second to last speaker dies? Does it die when the two remaining speakers aren’t talking to each other? This is a good news story of a language, a culture, and a friendship being reinvigorated.

There are still only two people who speak Ayapanec as a first language but people are learning and there seems to be some energy and enthusiasm about the new language school.

Even if the closest you get to Tabasco is trying the sauce, you can learn a word or two of the language, video yourself (or a school class) speaking it, and in doing so encourage the next generation that their traditional language is worth investing time in.

For Vodaphone, sponsors of www.ayapaneco.com , it’s a great good news story of people talking. Often technology is cited as contributing to the extinction of some of the worlds endangered languages, but there are an ever increasing number of cases where it contributes to the health and revitalisation of languages, not just saved as remnants of the past, but alive as living languages alongside other languages used by the communities.



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