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Go Tandem – an app to help you grow spiritually? April 30, 2015

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GoTandem app nudging in the right direction

It’s strange how many people are spiritually hungry, but forget to eat!

July 2018 Update: It’s three years since I reviewed GoTandem and yet my post on an app to help you grow spiritually is still getting regular hits.

It’s been too long since I last updated my main Android Apps page but I can point you to growing and comprehensive lists maintained by the Mobile Ministry Forum

Android Apps for Outreach & Spiritual Life
and  iPhone Apps for Outreach & Spiritual Life 


Here’s my 2015 review of GoTandem.

I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of the Go Tandem app to begin with, but having tried it I think I’m a fan. The basic idea is that even people who know they benefit from engaging with Scripture often need encouragement to read or listen. (and they’ve done some studies to back this up).

A short survey allows users to identify areas in which they would like to grow spiritually and then serves up snippets of scripture throughout the day (again customized to the user) that others have found helpful. This isn’t a replacement for more in depth study and reflection but does provide a series of helpful nudges and reminders of truths people may already accept or verses that challenge them to read and reflect a little more.

I met one of the people behind it recently and learned a little more. The app has been developed by “Back to the Bible” and plans are in place to allow other Christian groups to take the framework and build their own content around it, not just offering the same text in different languages but allowing for greater adaptation of themes, questions, and answers. There will be an overlap of felt spiritual need between different communities but there is also variety, and what is considered a high need in one culture may have different relevance for another.

Is Go Tandem something that will help you or someone you know? Read a little more and watch the video intro, try it out (on apple, android or web) and decide for yourself.


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What Bible apps do you recommend?


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