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Comic Book Jesus? March 13, 2015

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no, the original artwork did not combine Jesus and Tin Tin

OK so I admit it, I added the pictures of Tintin, to the Jesus Messiah Comic book cover. I’m probably not the first to do so. For many people it’s perfectly natural that ‘comic books’ or ‘graphic novels’ should be used to convey Bible stories or even fully fledged translations. For others it’s a bit of a step, it’s not part of their culture and it somehow feels wrong – perhaps as wrong as it felt to some people a few hundred years ago to translate the Bible into the common language of English.

Since 1929 various Tintin adventures continue to have a wide appeal although some of the earlier stories and depictions of other cultures wouldn’t be totally appropriate for today’s global audiences. (and might have been a little offensive to those depicted first time round). The books have been translated into 70 languages and sold over 230 million copies (impressive but small fry compared to Bible translation statistics).

The creator of the Jesus Messiah comic book has been considerably more culturally aware in his illustrations and has the potential for a wide appeal. The original artwork (without Tintin and Snowy) was first published in 1993 in Dutch and (updating this to 2016 figures) is currently available in over 80 languages.

You can read more about The Jesus the Messiah comic book (article is in 6 languages) or go to the facebook page and look at the pictures and translated text.

Illustrations, comic books and graphic novels are just part of the modern toolkit in making the Bible accessible in a visual world but can present challenges as well as opportunities as even the best pictures don’t always communicate clearly across all cultures.


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