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80 Global Scripture Products of 2015 February 27, 2015

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Think “Wycliffe Bible Translators” and the products that most readily come to mind are printed Bibles and New Testaments. Most of the translations we work on however are not published by Wycliffe but in cooperation with other agencies and there are a rather a lot of scripture related products that produced.

I’ve started a list but before scrolling down and reading it why not grab a piece of paper (or electronic equivalent) and see how many you come up with.

My list is divided into:

A. Print Scripture Products – large or small selections of translated scripture

B. Printed scripture based products – derived products based on scripture

C. Video products – including anything where the pictures move

D. Audio products – kind of like videos only the picture are in your head

E. New Media – anything that doesn’t fit into the categories above

You’ll notice I  haven’t included links for everything and don’t yet have 80 items listed and this could probably increase to more than that. This is a starting point for listing some of the scripture products and scripture based products produced by and for the communities that Wycliffe and other partners work with. Watch out for updates to this post with an expanded list and maybe a few pictures and links. Do add your own suggestions as comments.

A. Print Scripture Products

(each of these might also be distributed as electronic files eg PDFs)
1. Portions (whole books)
2. NT
3. NT +
4. Bible
5. Lectionaries
6. Selections eg Christmas story, Easter, selections of proverbs / parables,
7. Verses and ‘micro selections’ eg
a. verses on calendars,
b. book marks, posters,
c. T-shirts, banners,
d. shop signs,
e. business cards,
f. (or in one town in the Philippines printed by law on the back of all taxis)
8. Content within local print media (eg column or article in local newspaper or church publications)

B. Printed scripture based products
For each of the the items in section A the majority of the written text would be scripture. I’m using ‘scripture based products’ to mean other materials incorporating translated scripture, material sumarising scripture (eg a simplified retelling of a story), or material inspired by scripture eg hymns and songs in the local language that both carry a scripture message and help people use their language in church settings.

9. Hymn books
10. Bible study materials
11. Material for pastors
12. simplified Children’s Bibles
13. Bible overviews
14. Sunday School material (children and adult)
15. Comic books eg
a. Jesus Messiah Comic book (currently in 60 langauges see https://www.facebook.com/jmpbk) ,
b. http://distantshores.org/openbiblestories , and any versions using local art.
16. Bible Helps
17. Reading plans
18. Translations of standard tracts (eg sgmlifewords.com )
19. locally produced tracts

C. Video products
20. Jesus film (1289 languages)
21. Luke Video (?)
22. other Jesus Film products eg Children’s version and Magdalene
23. Genesis video
24. short clips from any of the above shared on phones, youtube etc
25. Intros to Biblical characters
26. illustrated scripture readings (scripture read with back ground illustrations)
27. local dramatized readings (acted out)
28. videos of locally produced adaptations of Bible stories (including videos of bible storying sets)
29. Scripture songs
30. Sermons
31. Testimonies

D. Audio products
32. Jesus Film Audio drama (427 languages)
33. Oral bible story sets
34. Radio dramas
35. Global Recordings standard products (over 6000 languages and dialects)
36. Scripture songs
37. Sermons
38. Testimonies
39. Radio programs via major networks (eg TWR, FEBA)
40. Local radio (programming on existing stations or new stations using internet or short range broadcasting)

E New Media
41. (many of the above can be shared or promoted via the web but there are a few very new things appearing)
42. SMS texts
43. twittered verses
44. facebook posts and shared images with scripture verses
45. Smartphone Bible apps
a. Youversion
b. Bible.is
c. Scripture App Builder
d. BARTAndroid
e. MySword
f. Unfolding Word – http://distantshores.org/openbiblestories
46. Other Smartphone apps (lectionaries, memory verses, scripture based games, any other Christian app localised to the language.



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2. tom - May 19, 2015

audio: didn’t include FCBH audio Scripture (or audio Scripture at Scripture Earth, or Pacific Bibles).


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