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Ahead of the curve, or simply round the bend? December 4, 2014

Posted by P, J, or J in Ethnogamification, wycliffe.

Sometimes I get a little overexcited about the possibilities offered by an idea that hasn’t quite caught on yet.

I was an early advocate of online forums, blogs, the possibilities and challenges offered by YouTube, Facebook, wikis, android apps etc.

Lately I’ve been enthusing to greater and lesser extents about:

Some of these things are already happening, some may never gain much attention. (Some of the links will tell you quite a bit and others will tell you a bit less.)

Getting excited by new ideas and possibilities offered by new tech isn’t new.

22 years ago I was part of a multimedia show celebrating 200 years of the Baptist Missionary Society. (multimedia meant we acted, involved the audience and used a video projector the size of a large suitcase).WilliamCarey I played the part of William Carey who dared to suggest that people should go to far off places and tell them about Jesus. He was branded an ‘Enthusiast’ and told to sit down. “If God want’s to convert the heathen, he’ll do it without you or I”.

Carey disagreed and laid out his views in “An Enquiry into the obligations of Christians to use means for the conversion of the heathens: In which the religious state of the different nations of the world, the success of former undertakings, and the practicability of further undertakings, are considered.” (catchy title huh?)

The full text is available to download for you Kindle or online. He was writing in 1792 so a few items and attitudes might seem dated but it’s worth a reading to see how far ahead he was of his time.

I particularly like how excited he got about the latest technological advances of his day. In addressing “the impediments in the way of carrying the gospel” he states.

“As to their distance from us, whatever objections might have been made on that MarinersCompassaccount before the invention of the mariner’s compass, nothing can be alleged for it, with any colour of plausibility in the present age. Men can now sail with as much certainty through the Great South Sea, as they can through the Mediterranean, or any lesser Sea”

18thcentury technology offered new possibilities. 21st tech offers a few more.

Modern technology is great.

God is greater.



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