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Scripture in Space: Bible portions delivered safely to comet November 13, 2014

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Scripture distribution reached new heights when the Rosetta Probe landed safely on a comet.

Rosetta_App_highlight_stdAttached to the probe is a small disc into which over 13,000 pages of information on over 1,500 human languages are etched in microscopic print. Fortunately you can browse an interactive copy at http://rosettaproject.org/disk/interactive/


A number (I don’t know how many but feel free to count) of the pages on the back of the disc are pages of scripture. No more than 531 of the languages represented yet have a complete Bible but some scripture is available in almost 3000 languages

Although this particular instance of scripture distribution may fail to reach much of an audience it’s still quite amazing. Landing a spacecraft on a comet is an amazing aceivement and lots of other people will be writing about that. Gathering and etching 13,000 pages of information in 1500 languages is quite an undertaking too.

I look forward to a day when the same Scriptures can be distributed freely, accessed without fear of reprisal, and read or listened to on this particular rock in all the languages in which people need it.



1. Paul Gideon Dann - November 17, 2014

Just wanting to check: I can’t find an official statement anywhere that the “Rosetta Project” that landed on the comet includes a “Rosetta Project” (the language project) disc. Are you sure the two projects are linked?


P, J, or J - November 17, 2014

I heard via a facebook post from SIL and then did a little checking. Here’s one source with a photo http://blog.longnow.org/02014/11/03/rosetta-probe-landing-live-stream-breakfast-event/
Also mentioned at http://www.scienceminusdetails.com/2012/04/rosetta-languages-and-space-probes.html


2. Linda - November 17, 2014

The only real connection between the two projects is one of name. The Rosetta spaceship people contacted the Rosetta archive people at least 12-13 years ago with the idea to put the disk on the spacecraft. Here’s my personal blog about it: http://lindasfamilynews.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/in-the-beginning/


3. Paul Gideon Dann - November 18, 2014

Excellent; thanks for the clarification 🙂


P, J, or J - November 18, 2014

Thanks Linda. I like the closing statement on your blog post: “one of the stated missions of the Rosetta project is to learn more about the origins of the universe. Seems like they might have some of the clues about that already on board–in 1500 languages!” http://lindasfamilynews.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/in-the-beginning/


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