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The Sermon on the Mount (remixed) October 16, 2014

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Many people consider this to the Sermon on the Mount the core of Jesus teaching, but there’s one tiny problem.

If the Sermon on the Mount is so important how come it’s only in one of the gospels?

Well perhaps part of the answer is that Christianity isn’t primarily about a set of rules for good living and while the teaching is important it was more important for the gospel writers to draw attention to who Jesus is.

Perhaps another part of the answer is to look at where the other gospel writer’s refer to Jesus teaching. Some commentators think that Jesus did indeed preach the whole of Matthew 4-7 in one go, others think that Matthew collected Jesus teachings from a number of occasions and summarized it in this nice long chunk of text (chapter and verse numbers were a much later addition).

A number of people have attempted to draw up comparison tables which show how the different writers often cover the same material from different angles(google for articles about the Synoptic gospels for more info). The table below comes from from http://www.bible-researcher.com/parallels.html#sect6 using the Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum of Kurt Aland, 13th edition (Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1985)

My contribution has been to change the links so that when you click on the numbers on the left you are given the passages in the NIV rather than the ASV used in the original post.

6. The Sermon on the Mount (According to Matthew)

No. Pericope Matthew Mark Luke John
50 Occasion of the Sermon 4.24-5.2 3.7-13 a 6.17-20a
51 The Beatitudes 5.3-12 6.20b-23
52 The Salt of the Earth 5.13 9.49-50 14.34-35
53 The Light of the World 5.14-16 4.21 8.16
54 On the Law and the Prophets 5.17-20 16.16-17
55 On Murder and Wrath 5.21-26 12.57-59
56 On Adultery and Divorce 5.27-32 9.43-48 16.18
57 On Oaths 5.33-37
58 On Retaliation 5.38-42 6.29-30
59 On Love of One’s Enemies 5.43-48 6.27-28
60 On Almsgiving 6.1-4
61 On Prayer 6.5-6
62 The Lord’s Prayer 6.7-15 11.25 11.1-4
63 On Fasting 6.16-18
64 On Treasures 6.19-21 12.33-34
65 The Sound Eye 6.22-23 11.34-36
66 On Serving Two Masters 6.24 16.13
67 On Anxiety 6.25-34 12.22-32
68 On Judging 7.1-5 4.24-25 6.37-42
69 On Profaning the Holy 7.6
70 God’s Answering of Prayer 7.7-11 11.9-13
71 The Golden Rule 7.12 6.31
72 The Two Ways 7.13-14 13.23-24
73 “By their Fruits” 7.15-20
74 “Saying Lord, Lord” 7.21-23 6.46
75 The House Built upon the Rock 7.24-27 6.47-49
76 The Effect of the Sermon 7.28-29 1.21-22


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