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Building Scripture apps and wearing T-shirts July 5, 2014

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In some place you can’t advertise Bibles God's Word in Your Language on my phone on your T-shirts, and in some places you can!

  • In some places it is not legal to read the read the Bible.
  • In some places it is not legal to encourage people from another religion to read the Bible.
  • In some places it is not a good idea to advertise that you may be carrying an expensive phone in your pocket.
  • In some places all these things are acceptable.

Census data suggests there are speakers of at least 130 languages in the town I currently live. Maybe the churches should get some T-shirts?  

Meanwhile, I’ve just begun testing some new software that makes it easier than ever to publish scripture for Android smartphones. Building an app doesn’t mean people will find and use it. The Google app store now has over 1,200,000 apps. Putting an app in a store or on a website that lots of the people you want to reach don’t know about doesn’t mean they will find the app. There are many things translators and others in the languages community can do to help. Some will be more appropriate in some communities than others. (I have a list of ideas. Ask me) 



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