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A Crate of Bibles in every Village…. June 16, 2014

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Konkomba Bibles arriving by truck in 2009 (click the photo to read more about this at nornirn.wordpress.com)

In the old days of publishing a certain number of books were printed and there were then challenges in how to get them to people. Books are still being printed but these days there are also huge possibilities for providing scripture electronically. Through the internet people can read or download portions or whole books to read on their computers and phones and also access audio recordings and videos. It’s like having a crate of resources in every town and village. But it doesn’t mean people will open the crate. In fact people have thousands of crates to choose from.

My (Peter’s) job is to help people find the crate and engage with its contents – to help ensure that websites are set up and promoted wisely and that people are thinking not only about what they make available but how. My main focus was initially on websites that serve language from a dozen or so countries in areas of the world often considered quite sensitive but I also interact with people working in many other places around the world.

The photo of the truck isn’t from anything I’m involved in. I googled pictures of “Bibles arriving” – there are lots of pictures and lots of stories. The 10,000 copies of the Konkomba Bible arrived in time for Christmas just a couple of years ago. I googled again and learnt that by the beginning of 2013 they were almost sold out. GILLBT facebook post, Konkomba Bible nearly sold out The Konkomba Bibles have found their way into peoples hands and hearts. Audio scriptures are also available and so is the Jesus film. It looks like a success story all round and it’s not over yet. In other places success will look very different, and for a while scripture, whether in book form or via phones and computers will be harder for people to accept but hopefully not as hard as it once was to access – providing they know where to look!

One crate amongst the many - an iconic picture from Raiders of the Lost Ark

One crate amongst the many – an iconic picture from Raiders of the Lost Ark



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