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After Easter came Pentecost June 9, 2014

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Peter preaches at PentecostIt was weeks since Jesus had died. Ordinary people thought it was all over. Some had hoped he was the one God would use to set them free from the Romans, but now (they thought) he was dead.

Then suddenly these men burst out of a house one morning babbling away in what seemed to be all kinds of different languages. Everyone was talking at once. Some people recognised the languages but others just thought the men were drunk then one of them stepped forward and told them something amazing…

Today, around the world people are encountering Jesus and some are doing so in an amazing new way – reading or hearing scripture in their very own languages!

Some people talk of Britain being a post-Christian country. Amazingly there are still plenty of people groups that are pre-Christian. These are not people that have rejected the gospel but have simply never heard it. In some place the message has arrived but as something foreign and hard to understand.

I believe Britain is a post-Easter country. Lots of people think Jesus is dead and gone, and no one has yet convinced them that he is alive.

It’s not all over.

Jesus is alive!

Know it. Experience it. Live it. Share it.

 (I backed up my theory of a post-Easter county in a sermon at Riverside Church in Burton recently – available online here).



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