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Missionaries and Marmite February 3, 2014

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You either love it or hate it. That’s the message that has surrounded the marketing of Marmite in the UK for many years. For anyone who doesn’t know what Marmite is I usually explain it this way – there is a toxic sludge that is leftover in the brewing industry that know one knew how to dispose of safely until someone came up with the bright idea of feeding it to small children who didn’t know any better. (guess where I fall on the love/hate Marmite divide.)

I do have friends who love the stuff and have it shipped to them in distant locations (It’s recently been banned in Canada) and I do have reason for mentioning it here in this recently neglected blog.

We now find ourselves living in Burton, the ancestral home of Marmite almost within sniffing distance of the factory. We’re not sure how long God has placed us here for but while we’re here we’re trying to listen, learn, and make ourselves useful.

At a recent Bible study we discovered that with the exception of a couple of fence sitters Marmite does continue to divide populations. Reading the Bible (I said it was a Bible study) it is clear that Jesus is meant to do the same. When he spoke people either loved him, or hated him.

According to 2011 census data almost 60% of Burton class themselves as Christian*. Personally I’m not sure that many people in the town really do love Jesus. The question is how many have declared an opinion without really encountering him? The question is what can the Church in Burton do to encourage people to taste and test Jesus for themselves?

(*2011 census data did not contain data in relation to people’s opinion on Marmite.)



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