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“I will put my law in their phones and write it on their screens.” – Jer 31:33 (Altered Version) February 5, 2011

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lots of great resourcesScripture is free and accessible on phones, iPods, computers and every gadget that can you read it or listen to it from – and that’s a good thing!

I don’t access the web on my phone yet but the big companies are predicting that mobile devices will soon be the prime way that people connect to the web and they are already becoming a key way of distributing scriptures.

  The New Testament is available as free audio downloads in over 500 languages at http://faithcomesbyhearing.com. We’ve downloaded a couple of the available English versions of the New Testament, a copy of the ESV Old Testament (only one currently available) and Kids Bible complete with songs.

Most nights Joel goes to sleep listening to scripture (at his own request) and we frequently listen to large portions ourselves. I read several different versions online and even still read from a couple of version we have as books.

God’s desire is that his word not only be available in print and audio form but truly written on our hearts, not merely that we can read or recite it, but that we can internalize it’s truths, trust in Him, know Him, and follow Him. Modern technology offers amazing possibilities but we shouldn’t get to awed by iPhones, iPods and iPads. The iAm was and is more amazing than any bit of man made tech. These are just further tools that help us and others in allowing God to write his word not on our phones but on our hearts and lives.

Links for a few of the best free Bible sites are at https://brassingtons.wordpress.com/links/ check them out, use them regularly,  and let me know if there are any good (and free) sites and apps that I’ve missed.

“I have hidden your word in my favorites
that I might look at if I remember” 
Ps 119:11 (Altered Version)


1. What’s your favourite Bible – iVersions « John 20:21 - February 5, 2011

[…] was delighted to find Peter Brassington’s latest blog “I will put my law in their phones and write it on their screens.” Jeremiah 31:33 […]


2. mlv - April 2, 2011

Peter, you should coin ‘iAm’. Very clever and very true.(written from my smart phone whilst nursing, the contemporary thing to do, you know).


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