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The Gift January 4, 2011

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This year I had the honour of acting in a Christmas production in one of the local churches. I played Lev a church custodian  who encourages Reese, a drummer in need of a heart transplant to accept each day that comes as gift from God. He also encourages him to read the Bible and start studying it with his friends. No prizes for guessing Lev’s final gift to Reese after discussing organ donation with his pastor in scene 6. Meanwhile along with some great choir pieces there was one more story told to the audience – the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ, told with a strong focus on Lazarus and his sisters.

As we got closer to the production nights I started to wonder what my own response to the play should be.
Donate my organs? Accept Christ? Read the Bible? Memorise more of it? Learn the drums? Wear sandals and robes? Raise the dead?
I did sign up as an organ donor, blood donor, and potential bone marrow donor back a few years back and it’s now 22 years since I accepted Christ and donating all my body, mind, and soul to serving him while I’m alive .
I have definitely been encouraged to memorise a few passages together with my family and wondering how much it would take to memorise a gospel. 
For anyof you who were in or saw “The Gift” did it encourage or inspire you to anything specific? (feel free to add a comment below)
Whether you saw the play or not here’s a few links you might like:
Find out about organ donation: http://www.giftoflife.on.ca/
Download a free audio bible (500 languages to choose from): http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.org/
Get the Bible.is app for you iphone, ipad, android phone, pc web etc http://bible.is/



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