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The Good Linguist September 7, 2010

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After a Summer of study at CanIL, I’m keen  to catch up with some blogging. I hope to talk a bit about  Scripture Use and about Wayne Dye’s eight conditions, speak of Hill and Hill’s book, promote www.scripture-engagement.org , share knowledge and insights of how Scripture is being applied into lives and communities, tell stories of how people are being encouraged to find the relevance of Scripture to situations within their own lives and communities.

Production of Scripture and other valuable products is meant to be a beginning not an end. An unused dictionary or an orthography that serves the academic community but fails to impact a community is of as much use as closed Bibles stored on shelves.

I might also talk about insights gained through the Sociolinguistics course, and the joys of the Phonetics and Language and Culture Learning courses.

But I’ll start with my entry for the CanIL Summer t-shirt competition.  

The Good Linguist lays down his notebook for the sheep

One of the most valuable things to keep in mind during lingustics courses (and in doing linguistics work) is that while academic excellence is comendable  we are not working to get good marks and the respect of the academic community but to do good work in the service of God and the people he calls us to serve. 

In all that we do we should aim for excellence and quality, and plan from the beginning for how those we seek to serve might effectively use what we help them produce.



1. Mike Aubrey - September 7, 2010

Had I known you were there, I would have introduced myself. I’ve been reading your blog for at least a year now…


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