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Blessed are the sleep deprived August 10, 2010

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The Beat up Attitudes
(written in the last week of intensive study)

Blessed are the sleep deprived

  For they shall find rest

Blessed are you who are cheerful in the morning

..but don’t force it on others

Blessed are you when faced by all kinds of deadlines

..for they too will pass.

Blessed are you who thrive, …or merely survive

  And put learning into practice

Blessed are you who learn enough

  To know that you know little

For you shall use your knowledge

..but put your trust in God.

(PS. We didn’t blog much while at CanIL this Summer, but hope to catch up soon and tell you what we’ve been doing)


1. Hazel Mayhew - October 26, 2010

Love these Beat Up Attitudes – very good! Can I share them with fellow students?
Hope life is treating you all well – sounds like Joel is doing well at school – that’s always a plus! Are you missing CanIL 🙂 ? How soon do you think you’ll be ready to hop on a plane to somewhere exotic and less chilly than Canada?


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