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New Bible for 70 million Chinese Christians! March 12, 2010

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“For the first time since 1919, the 70 million Chinese Christians worldwide have access to an updated Bible in a language each can understand.”

The Revised Chinese Union Version (RCUV) ” provides an alternative to the Chinese Union Version, a translation that is filled with characters that are no longer commonly used and can be confusing to modern Chinese readers in more than 300,000 Chinese churches across the globe.

…Versions of the English Bible undergo revisions every 20 or 30 years to keep up with sizable changes within our modern language. Today, there are more than 40 English translations of the Bible available. But the Chinese people have not had an updated and widely accepted Bible translation in their own language for more than 90 years.”

see full article at www.demossnews.com/americanbible/news

Even though I spend my time trying to draw peoples’ attention to the fact that many people don’t even have a 90 year old translation they can turn to I was encouraged to read this news story.

I’ve spent ten of my 14 years with Wycliffe trying to communicate Vision 2025 ‘…to see a Bible translation program begun in every language that needs it’. But behind that vision, and it’s impressive targets, is a greater vision, that of transformed lives through people engaging with the Bible and knowing God more deeply through it.

When I became a Christian I eagerly read through my NIV New Testament (NT 1st published 1973, full Bible 1978, and revised a few times since), I then struggled a bit trying to read a King James Version of the Old Testament (1st English translation legally available in 1611). I got along much better when I bought myself a Good News Bible (NT 1966, full Bible 1976). Before long I’d also discovered several other modern English translations. Since I started reading the Bible, English speakers have also seen the arrival of the NRSV, the Message, the NLT, the NIV inclusive language version …and countless new editions of existing translations aimed at making the Bible more accessible.

With translations still needing to begin in at least 2200 languages (in addition to the 2000 currently in progress worldwide) it’s easy for some of us to forget that speakers of a few of the 450 or so languages that do have the complete Bible might benefit from having it revised every 20, 30, or 90 years.

However much we focus on seeing translation started the goal is not simply about completed books, it is about complete lives.

Peter Brassington
Christian since 1989 …and still a work in progress.



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